How do you build a VOD platform?

The rapid growth in the number of viewers watching videos online has forced businesses in any sector to build a standalone VOD platform to scale their growth.

On the business side, it can be used for training courses, information on announcements and new product launches, marketing of products. vod sites can be used for online educational courses, online fitness classes, online yoga classes.

Video on demand (VOD) is a method of consuming video media. Video on demand provides the media content that users wish to watch. The technology behind video-on-demand services is called IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and is used to stream video directly to customers’ TVs, laptops, tabs, and smartphones.

Here are the steps to build a VOD platform.

  1. Develop a plan

First, you should have a clear plan and strategy. What are your goals and who is your target audience? You need to have a clear concept of your video streaming site.

  1. Video content

It depends on your choice, whether you want to create your own content and distribute it through your own website or whether you want to distribute on-demand content from other media distributors. To do this, you must obtain licensing rights from major distributors to distribute their content on video-on-demand sites, or you can contact the copyright owners directly to obtain the rights to distribute the content on your own platform.

  1. Develop your video streaming platform

The most important part is to build a video streaming platform. This can be done with the help of a video streaming platform provider, such as Xmediatv, which can build an on-demand platform based on the needs of its users, or you can build an on-demand platform by hiring developers and designers.

  1. Upload video content and embed the video player into the platform

Once the content is ready, it’s time to upload it to a video streaming platform and embed the video player into your platform. Make sure the embedded player and your platform are working properly before publishing the video content to your users.

  1. Promote your video content

Finally, all the settings are done, it’s time for you to spread the news of your new video content on your VOD platform, share it on different social media platforms, and also email it to your existing customers.

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